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The action of link sausage in a frying pan or hot dogs (brats) on a grill when they are turned or the pan is picked up and they all roll over...or roll too fast precariously close to the edge of a griddle or fire grate.
Time to turn your links, man. No problem, just watch as I gently tilt this pan to one side and porkmotion takes over.
by sjbliv July 02, 2011
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The actual motion of a bunch of hot dogs, brats, or other pork-laden meats on a bbq grill or a frying pan when you are turning them or they get flipped in the pan and all roll together...generally in the same direction
Hey, it's time to turn those hot dogs or they're going to burn!
OK...check out the porkmotion when I tip the grill!
by sjbliv June 04, 2011
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