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- Your collection of women you've porked much like that of an artist with thier portfolio
- Usually kept in your mind not an actual object
As you can see from my credentials in my porkfolio i am more than qualified to bang you
by Bud Time June 24, 2006
A porkfolio is a compilation of previous individuals whom you have engaged in copulatory acts with. Similar to "another notch in the ole belt".
Dude #1- "See that chick over there?"

Dude #2- "Ya, I see her."

Dude #1- "I'd like to add her to my porkfolio"
by Dat_Guy_Ober_Der May 04, 2009
The world's smartest piggy bank.
I dropped some coin in my Porkfolio.
by Porkfolio January 19, 2014
porkfolio is that secret file of texts/pictures that a girl has received of mens private parts, and wishes to retain them for 'future use'.
oh. he totally sexted me a pic of his junk, it's going in my porkfolio for sure!
by just delicious November 21, 2010