people who are LOUD, ANNOYING, LAZY, you will see them hanging out in groups of 3 or more, you will never see a porch monkey alone, Well, they're lazy good for nothin' tricksters... crack-smokin' swindlers! Big butt havin', wide nose, breathin' all the white man's air!

AND THEY STANK! They always have an ATTITUDE, and are ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT SOMETHING! Oh and they don't know how to talk! You will also see them start dancing randomly to no music?!!? They also have names that usually end in A
Things I unfortunately over hear porch monkeys saying:

Nuh uh that gurll just cut in line, umm umm, I have to go to the bathroom, Ima bout to tell her ass something

Ima smack her ass

Gurl its hot in here

Gurl this line is too long

Ima wear this to the club, Heeeyyy

tameka, tanisha, qunisha, felisha, bonisha, WTF????
by tired22 March 17, 2011
Racist term from the old South. While entertaining in the summer, after dinner the good White folk would retreat to their respective spaces (women to the parlour or drawing room, men to the porch) for after dinner drinks. The men, desiring to prop their feet up while relaxing, would have the small slave children get on their hands and knees so that the master and his guests could use them as footstools. Hence the term "porch monkey".
"Delilah, go and fetch those little porch monkeys so that my company can rest their feet a spell".
by it'llbalright March 07, 2009
Porch Monkey, noun

A black guy or nigger that lives in texas that sits on a chair outside or fence and complaining about the rednecks all day and usually sounding like a midget.
*porch monkey stares at redneck walking by*

Redneck walking by: errr why is this nigger staring at us

Porch monkey: hell I hate u rednecks and how u guys look ehh with your pickup trucks and playing wit guns and racist and shit *mumbles*

redneck walking by: ok...
by lolaturfacel33t November 01, 2009
Porch Monkey- Anyone who is lazy and has others do their work while they sit on the porch watching like a damn monkey!
"Ya'll go on down to the field and work til dark, while I stay here on the porch and look stupid." Kindof like slavery, we did all the work to build this country while others just watched from the porch. "Porch Monkey"
by Tony G23 March 02, 2010
A stupid nigger that has no life and sits on the porch all day drinks blue kool-aid eat fried chicken all day lazy as fuck and basically a nigger
that porch monkey didnt move all day what a nigger
by smartguy12321 October 03, 2010
A gangster wannabe that talks about being gangster when all he does is sit on steps and talk about being gangster to other wannabe gangsters
-Yo so this dude was disrespecting me, I would have stabbed him but i don't need heat from the 5-0
-Dude you've been sitting on the porch for the past week you porch monkey
by Dago Power September 09, 2010
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