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A place for hipsters to eat that doesn't stay in one place long enough to meet health code.
Get on our list to dine at our pop-up on May 12.
by Real Foodie May 07, 2011
Unwanted and irritating advertisements that pop up in a separate browser window, hence the name "popup". Only lame, computer-illiterate, Internet Explorer-using people get them.
IE user: These popups are so annoying! I can't do anything without getting a popup!

Firefox user: -Laughs-
by The Mad Ninja February 12, 2006
Ads that "pop up" randomly on your computer screen while you browse the internet.
Pop-ups aren't that bad. Just get pop-up blocking software or X the ads out. Geez.
by Mastermind122288 May 14, 2005
A girl who fools you to feed your rubbish lifestyle. She uses you as her free time toy to distress. She makes you feel she is so into you to help your sick ego. Oh what a pop up she is.

One person : Oh she is soo into you!

Another smart person: You are just her toy, she is way above your catch.

You: oh what a pop up she is.
by Pop up expert November 20, 2012
Serbian power-pop band with a single "Osmeh" that won the first prize on the competition in Serbia among more than 300 other preformers and made a music video which can be watched on youtube.
I totally dislike Pop-ups!
by TrashyBabe. January 11, 2010
A one time girl who comes about abruptly and wants to hook up with you. You have two options: you can exit the pop up (telling that girl hell no) or you can click on it (getting with the girl) and after leaving on the street like a piece of trash.
Bob: I was on facebook and there was this girl who kept talking to me.

Friend: Dude she is defiantly a pop up
by Adam Secum March 19, 2011
Person on a chat website who blames other people for their meltdowns
Wow, Popup, you're blaming me for your blow-ups?
by Jadayyy January 13, 2009