To use a frozen phallic shaped object, often fruit or fudge flavored, in a manner which would get a girl off. First be sure to unwrap. Second move quickly, these things melt! Third don't wait around get to the good stuff and then move on, you don't want it melting. Fourth I think I should have mentioned this first but since I forgot, be sure your partner is cool with having a sugary treat in her special area. Fifth(optional) eat up man or throw the thing out the car window!
Alternative Definition: to be in a situation that would be similar to screwing up the above; getting into a pickle
Brian totally popsickled that one girl then ate it later.
Man, you're totally popsickled, how could you leave your under's at your bosses girlfriend's house and expect to get away with it.
Jimmy-dave was so popsickled and he knew it the second he woke up; as he opened his door the strategically placed 35 bags of popcorn fell on his head.
by fotodevoto August 11, 2004
Top Definition
when skateboarding your skateboard gos vertical and you land on it really hard with your nuts
dude! daniel got popsickled
by philip miller111 July 10, 2008
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