When one (or more) of a man's testicles unintentionally pops out due to a tear in the pants.
The man wondered why everyone in the room looked strangely intimidated - then he smiled as he looked down and discovered he had a popsickle and gently tucked the hairy monster away.
by danclay February 04, 2008
Top Definition
Reality: A frozen, fruit flavored treat.
UrbanDictionary.com definition: Penis.
I'm no popsickle licker. And thats no gay uphamism... Or is it? No, its not.

Sick freak.
by Zach G. November 16, 2003
Trade name for ice cream on a stick. The term is commonly applied to any frozen confection intended to be eaten while being held by a stick which has been partially inserted and frozen into the confection.
When the ice cream vendor came by Jimmy bought a bowl of ice cream and I bought a pop sickle.
by ajsniddler August 12, 2008
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