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Used in the Wild Thornberrys by Nigel Thornberry
"'ello poppit"
"how's it going poppit?"
by Peyton White August 23, 2005
It should actually be poppet and it was used as a term of endearment towards children.
Why, hello there, poppet.
Come, poppet, be a good little girl.
by enygma February 12, 2005
Actually spelled: "poppet".

Chiefly a British derivitive of the word "puppet".

A darling, a small child, a doll, a puppet.
She's such a sweet, little poppet.
by Dave February 07, 2005
1. See definition of crumpit, basically means the same thing but can be used more casually, more for friends *.

*not for a boyfriend or girlfriend.
1. J: Ello poppit!
A: Hey John, what's up?
by Poppit_19 February 17, 2008
Form of greeting, first used in the Disney movie, Pirates of the Carribean.
Person #1: Hi!
Person #2: 'ello poppit
by Jennifer July 19, 2004