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to go on a drinking binge; to become exceedingly drunk and euphoric
"Yeah, my girl left me last week, since then I just been poppin bottles."
by Jred29 January 01, 2009
97 30
An act that involves of a group of people opening and drinking large quantities of champagne in a club. The alcohol is often squandered, with large amounts being splashed on women. Also, more alcohol usually gets on the floor than in the glasses. If not done correctly, the act could look homosexual.(Ex: Birdman & Lil Wayne in "Pop Bottles")
Jerome- Yo man, u see them dudes in the club last night? They were ballin'.

Jay- Yeah man, they were poppin bottles all night.
by $Silk$ December 14, 2009
70 29
Means being a raging homosexual at the club.
Travis was really "poppin bottles" last night wouldn't you say?
by brandon holdeez October 24, 2007
50 176