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In case the Twister example wasn't compelling enough, here's another reference from the eponymous Jay-Z cut...quoth Big Boi about midway through the 4th verse:
"Like the pilgrims when they popped a tag on the indians home."
by s. neckar May 05, 2003
1088 742
buying shit...poppin' the tags off of merchandise.
Jay-Z be poppin' tags, leavin' tha mall with heavy bags.
by Nick D February 18, 2003
1370 964
(1) to steal clothing.
(2) to literally pop tags/sensors off clothing.
We leavin' the stores with heavy bags cause we poppin' tags.
by The Winner. February 19, 2004
628 259
Stealing, as in the example below by Twister...
Rollin like a nigga that just came up on a mill'
and I got 'em sweepin and pickin up tags off the flo'
by s. neckar May 01, 2003
881 583
to buy new clothes; the act of purchasing something new
I just got paid; time to go poppin' tags.
by taylorhb October 18, 2006
1057 930
Stealing. Popping off tags of higher price merchandise and switching for clearance or lower price tags. Thus the references to heavy bags, because the items are actually purchased and bagged at the lower prices. Possibly also removing sensor or ink tags when shoplifting.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Thrift Shop say "I'm gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket. I'm huntin', lookin' for a comma (4 digit prices)...." "Manuel, he's poppin' tags."
by winsome January 11, 2013
1606 1494
to buy clothing in abundance
we was poppin tags at the mall
by Jay Wood August 10, 2003
388 448