have unprotected sex in many different positions; POP OFF that pussy
I popped off when she came thru the crib: POP (off) PUSSY
by s.dot. November 29, 2006
Top Definition
To be closed down by police usually for excessive noise, underage drinking, and marijuana possesion.
I wouldn't go there now. That party got popped off.
by John Claude di Ronaldi May 04, 2011
when someone gets shot.
Pookie got popped off for fucking Al's boo.
by Mojo 13 January 24, 2009
Giving someone an unwarranted amount of attitude. Usually your parents or an authority figure. See also: smarting off, smart-mouthing, etc.
Disney's Sword in the Stone (1963):

After receiving 4 demerits and being forced to clean the kitchen

Arthur: "It's my fault, I shouldn't have popped off..."
by starspawnofcthulu October 23, 2014
(v.) Chicago slang for being pregnant

(v.) getting pregnant
I heard that girl over there got popped off
by guitarlovechild July 15, 2012
The term in which a player has apprehended and eliminated a player in the online multiplayer Call Of Duty. Specifically in the Search and Destroy game. A camper may not use this term.
Jontae: bro you're shit at this game.
Yeti: even though you got popped off by me?
Jontae: yeah but you're a camper!
by CODChamp December 04, 2010
when a guy gets a girl pregnant; unplanned pregnancy
damn! did you hear keisha got popped off,by that nigga tony.

Girl, he called me and told me he wanted to pop me off!
by miss_understood22 August 31, 2008
pop off means to nut (cum) alot

looks similar to foam runnin down bear bottle wen u pop cap off
*Last night that nigga popped off like 5 times
* damn that must b nice
by sharapstar September 20, 2011
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