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a diverse school; contains mostly rich kids who shop at abercrombie and fitch but also contains people who think they are different(emo) and people who think they are ghetto and clog up the hallways on the way to lunch
Popekid: Man, Pope High School looks like a big bathroom with all that white tile on the outside.
Popekid2: hhah yeah, you're right
#big bathroom #pope #east cobb #rich #ghetto
by Katherinepope October 01, 2006
Pope High School is a definition ECS (east cobb snob) school. Predominantly rich white kids, however there are a couple black kids that are unfortunately mostly white washed. Weed is where its at with pope so is drinking and sleeping with peoples boyfriends. Over all a ballin' school
Kid: Dude that is a sick new Polo! You must go to Pope HIGH School!

Poper: Shut up faggot I'm a lot better than you and now you know it. Hahaha I'm just playin' I'm High As Fuck

Kid: Pope looks like a prison

Poper: Hey!... No I can't even argue that.
#faggots #douchebags #tools #rich kids #stoners #whores
by KidCudders December 07, 2010
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