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- the excesive gossip talk about celebrities or pop culture updates.
- massive shinfo that you don't really want to know about current events and hear 24/7
tim: did you hear that brad pitt is divorcing angelina jolie?
tom: no, not really
tim: yes and shortly after they adopted their seventh african baby
tom: dude! enough with the popaganda!
by albertvalencia August 13, 2008
The annoying pop-up adds all over the web trying to sell you junk you don't need.
"Man, I can't get anything done on the web today, just too much popaganda on my screen!"
by djivey October 05, 2011
The persuasion of personal interests throughout popular culture to make one's behavior, product, or lifestyle the new norm.
If I gave you an example of "popaganda" it would substantiate its role in society.
ie tattoos, piercings, droids, ipads, use of slang
by Mikal Machiavelli September 19, 2010
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