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Light, stale and meaningless pop music
"Stars Are Blind"; Paris Hilton's new album is a perfect example of pop fluff.
by bobertdude June 25, 2007
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A current trend for pre-teens, tweens, teens and generally teenyboppers. Can be a movie, music, or simply the newest App on their phones.
Some of the examples can actually be relatively decent things, but normally tend to be crap, hollow and meaningless trends.
Examples include movies like The Fast And The Furious or even the classic movie Ghost and music involving Justin Bieber (Bieber/Beiber?, I don't know either) or Jessie J... or the song Chandelier that all the 16 year old entrants are currently warbling on The Voice.
Judge 1: Ugh, that dude is singing Chandelier as well. That's the 7th entrant today.
Judge 2: Yeah, it's a Pop-Fluff favourite right now. Not to worry, they'll all move back on to Robbie Williams' Angels again soon.
by MoFo Rodent August 18, 2016
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