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To spend alot of money on a girl. As in thousands of dollars.
When a guy has a large amount of money he will usually carry it in a rubber band. When he spends his money, on a girl, He is "poppin a rubberband"
Gucci Mane - Go Head Lyrics (chorus)

Shawtii gotta ass on ha (on ha)
Imma put my hands on ha (on ha)
Imma spend a couple grand on ha (on ha)
Imma pop a rubberband on ha (on ha)
by Emily Michelle W July 04, 2006
To break a condom while having intense or rough sexual intercourse, as in only a rubberband is left from the once intact condom.
Shawty got an ass on her.
Ima put my hands on her.
Ima spen a couple grand on her.
Ima pop a rubberband on her.

(After you spend a couple grand on her, wouldn't YOU want to get your money's worth? LOL)
by Leon "Big L" Barber March 29, 2007
to fuck a very pretty girl with a condom

1. im gone pop a rubberband on her
a good fuck with a condom
shawty got a ass on her im a spend a couple grand on her im gone pop a rubberband on her
by sheobony lee April 25, 2006
to use a condom, or "rubber", while having sexual intercourse with an attractive girl.
"Boy, Chris. I sure would like to pop a rubberband on her!"
by sober annie July 11, 2006