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1. A loved one who farts excessively.

2. An "endearing" term used by anal obsessive couples.

3. A cute butthole.
1. "Michael's such a pootpoot. I can smell his toots from fifteen miles away!"

2. "Awwh, my wittle pootpoot, I'm sorreh your poor baby booty hurts."

3. "Dayumm Chelsea! Ya sure do gotta nice pootpoot from back here!"
by glttr January 31, 2011
The car that makes the poot noises in battlefield bad company 2.
Player 1: yo go grab the poot poot and head to C
player 2: Poot poot!
by mahaugher March 27, 2010
1.Used to describe superhuman abilities to plug in "Plug Ins" into a wall jack or outlet

2.A slang term for Jesus Juice

3. When an asian person farts and smells like sunny delight

1.My house smells minty fresh! I got summ'a'tat poot poot in me

2.Yeah Tommy, suck that poot poot.

3. Id like a glass of Poot Poot on the rocks please?

(noun) Try summ'a tis Poot Poot. Itll make you forget your mom and dad are divorced.
(adj) Can you smell that citrus pootness?
(pronoun) Oh those dam poots raped that waffle
(adverb) Im pootly satisfied!
by A. Kwokster April 15, 2007
1. a person who can quack like a duck, yet pick up chicks, or as they like to call it, "chix".

2. someone who owns an AudiTT.
Dood! Pootpoot totally scored chix in his audi TT!
by occult January 18, 2005
robvious's pet name, he <3s it when you call him poot-poot.
aww, I love you too poot-poot.
by ZEROKOOL234 April 07, 2004
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