a descriptive term for being broke. usually used when people see your lunch consists of tuna from a can and they know you aren't on a diet.
what's up with bob eating tuna today?
he blew all his cash last night on stacey, so he's poor boying it.
by oididit April 09, 2004
Top Definition
Walking. Lacking other modes of transportation. Usually referencing a lack of funds.
You pitchin' in for gas?...
Guess you'll be po' boyin it then.
See ya, loser.
by curtisjlowe April 02, 2004
Dressin like a hobo
The man on the street was poor boying it b/c he didn't have nice clothes
by Chic April 08, 2004
When Jimmy Bloom from Elliot Lake, Ontario asks to see the on-sale Gamecubes, puts it in his cart then proceeds to run out of Zellers with a Gamecube in his arms, in a heat-score fasion. Later, after eluding police, the merchandise is pawned for a 1/4oz. of weed, and maybe some morphine and oxycocets.
That Jimmy Bloom is always poor boying it to score some weed and pills. Fucking schizo pill-head!
by Mr. Ass April 03, 2004
To do something cheaply; cuttin' corners; quick & dirty fix; improvised repair w/ only the materials at hand
Fixing the Hubble Telescope w/ duct-tape 'n bailin' wire. The Bush administration's cure for underfunded & dysfunctional government social programs
by Tx Geo March 31, 2004
Having to be fiscally careful and frugal because of a low bank.
I would like to meet for drinks and catch that band, but I am poor boyin it.
by ericmcc March 30, 2004
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