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When Jimmy Bloom from Elliot Lake, Ontario asks to see the on-sale Gamecubes, puts it in his cart then proceeds to run out of Zellers with a Gamecube in his arms, in a heat-score fasion. Later, after eluding police, the merchandise is pawned for a 1/4oz. of weed, and maybe some morphine and oxycocets.
That Jimmy Bloom is always poor boying it to score some weed and pills. Fucking schizo pill-head!
by Mr. Ass April 03, 2004

Words related to poor boying it

Walking. Lacking other modes of transportation. Usually referencing a lack of funds.
You pitchin' in for gas?...
Guess you'll be po' boyin it then.
See ya, loser.
by curtisjlowe April 02, 2004
a descriptive term for being broke. usually used when people see your lunch consists of tuna from a can and they know you aren't on a diet.
what's up with bob eating tuna today?
he blew all his cash last night on stacey, so he's poor boying it.
by oididit April 09, 2004
Dressin like a hobo
The man on the street was poor boying it b/c he didn't have nice clothes
by Chic April 08, 2004
To do something cheaply; cuttin' corners; quick & dirty fix; improvised repair w/ only the materials at hand
Fixing the Hubble Telescope w/ duct-tape 'n bailin' wire. The Bush administration's cure for underfunded & dysfunctional government social programs
by Tx Geo March 31, 2004
Having to be fiscally careful and frugal because of a low bank.
I would like to meet for drinks and catch that band, but I am poor boyin it.
by ericmcc March 30, 2004