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When you're done fucking the rectum, you're dick is poopy.
Damn bitch, you gave me one hell of a poopy dick
by Rick March 06, 2003
the condition often afflicting a man after he does someone in the pooper
Bill: What did you and Yolanda do last night?
Jim Bob: Let's just say I have a chronic case of poopydick
by Jake E. Pants July 14, 2002
a term used to describe the after effects of ass fucking. many fags encounter this in their many ass fucking escapades. some willing women also recieve their share of poopydicks being slapped on their heads (see mushroom stamp)
Wow that chris braun kid has poopydick... he got it slapped on his forehead because thats what eric elder did when he was done fucking chris in his queer ass
by hicks who loves you BIATCH April 19, 2005
An act of retaliation involving a sample of human excrement and a person named Richard.
He awoke with a hangover and the undeniably aweful smell of feces on his chest, suggesting that he truly was a poopy dick.
by BFT April 14, 2003
this is what happens when a male or female have anal intercoarse and anal area is not cleaned before penetration
me: man i just did a bitch in the butt and now i gots poopy dick bro
friend:ew man you shoulda gave her a hitler
by crackawatta October 20, 2009
where you enter vaginally into a slut and thrust so hard you break through her vaginal wall and reach the colon, and then pull your dick out and have the slut like the green stuff of your dick.
"Dude, i heard that almost 3/4 of the girls in GI have done the poopy dick"
by beandipthe3 March 04, 2010
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