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1. Short for poopsalot, generally referring to gastrointestinally impaired people who defecate or flatulate on a more frequent than average basis.
2. asspoop backwards, thus signifying someone who instead of playing with the fecal matter of his or her peers (as asspoops generally tend to do), imposes their own fecal matter or fart gases as something for all their friends to enjoy, usually accompanied by the mention of the word "safety"
3. An unstoppable force involving midichlorians, most of the acts described in South Park's "The poop that took a pee," a perverted goat, as well as, of course, Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Z series. It must be noted that only one man has been able to achieve mastery of such dark magic, the tricky and evil Mista Poopsa from Albert Reynold's most famous epic "The Way of the Poopsa," only to meet a horrid end at the hands of a cruel thief seeking revenge, as a harsh reminder that one should never trifle with such unspeakable acts of evil.
1. Jared is such a poopsa; I bet you if you lit a match in his house it would blow up.
2. Guy 1: Gosh this room reeks let me give you something to spice up the air.
Guy 2: Omg you fucking poopsa, doorknob.
Guy 1: Hah too bad I'm wearing my safety belt.
3. Gosh that was quite an asspocalypse that Howard pulled off there. If he eats a few more tacos he should be well on his way to mastering the poopsa.
by misterdot April 16, 2010
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