Top Definition
1. A place where you have the opportunity to poop.
2. The chance to take the hardest-core of a poop
Kendall: Oh crap! I can't hold in my poop any longer!
Victoria: Well, you had a poopportunity when we were at the gas station, but I guess you have to wait until the next stop.
by VicsterLovesLil June 20, 2011
A meal that lends itself to a good bowel movement. Similar to roughage or fiber, but with a postive spin.
I could use a good poopportunity, I think I'm going to go with a salad tonight.
by seaglass April 22, 2006
The opportunity to take a poop, especially when on a vacation around a group of people, or when hanging out with a new crush.
Once the boys left the house to grab some food, Mary realized she finally had a poopportunity and ran to the bathroom.
by Love for the Big Girl September 25, 2013

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