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A person who absolutely refuses to take a dump in a public washroom no matter how urgent the situation might be because:
a) the toilet in the only empty stall is full of the previous occupant's shit;
b) he's ashamed of the noises that come out of his pooper when he shits;
c) there's a strong possibility that he'll smear his hands with his own feces while trying to wipe himself with the low quality toilet paper.
Larry: Man, Jason, you don't look well.
Jason: (bending over in pain) I know. I need to take a dump.
Larry: There's a washroom over there next to the Gap.
Jason: (cringing) Nah, man. I think I'll take the bus and head home. It'll only take me a couple hours. I can hold it.
Larry: What the hell, Jason. Are you a poopophobe?
by The ebonics linguist January 14, 2014

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