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the act of jizzing in the butthole and pooping it out while having someone eat it
me: i need to poop
jeff: i need to jizz
me and jeff: poopjizz time!!!
me: lets get ryan to eat it
ryan: nom nom nom nom nom nom
by fast and gentle October 02, 2011
1. After preforming ATM with a girl and cumming in her mouth, letting her kiss you after that is the essence of poopjizz
2. A disgusting substance oozing from a sink
3. Describing something of a nasty texture or appearance
1. Bro 1: Dude, last night I totally tasted my own poopjizz.

Bro 2: That's nasty, phaggot.

2. Bro 1: Dude, my sink just poopjizzed out the hole on the side.

Bro 2: That's nasty, phaggot.

3. Bro 1: Dude, that food at the cafe tasted like poopjizz.

Bro 2: That's nasty, phaggot.
by hulk brogan the IV November 15, 2010
When sperm trickles out of someones ass it is poop jizz.
Justin Bieber's conception was due to poop jizz dribbling south.
by Archturious August 11, 2011
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