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The act of orgasming when excreting an extremely large stool of waste or when explosive diarrhea is occurring.
Man i just had the biggest poopgasm ever. My stool was easily 9½ inches long.
by rb45 July 11, 2005
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The feeling one gets after a dynamic crap that has been held in for more than two hours.
I passed out today in the dorm shitters from my poopgasm. IT WAS AMAZING!!!
by the_alex February 17, 2008
A bowel movement so sexy, it causes one to slip into orgasm.
So I was sitting on the toilet,then suddenly I just experienced the greatest poopgasm ever!
by HamBungler May 17, 2008
The feeling of pure relief and the audible sigh a person makes when releasing a bowel movement that has been held in much too long.
After being stuck in a meeting for two hours Jack ran to the bathroom and had a poop-gasm in stall #2.
by Super Dave's Sidekick October 28, 2011
The feeling when a large stool presses against your prostate, producing feelings of rapture.
I'm fine, but I was just crying a second ago from my beautiful poopgasm.
by spoonydip February 05, 2011
The most enjoyable time while pooping
Bob: I heard that Jim had a huge poopgasm at the local chipotle
by Xtremeistgamer1 July 30, 2012

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