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The chance to poop as loud as you want. It can refer to the moment when you are finally alone in a public restroom. It can also be used to refer to happening upon an outhouse on a hiking trip or a gas station on a road trip.
When my boss flushed the toilet in the stall next to me, I knew it was my only window of poopertunity.
by Sierra Needle January 30, 2008
9 5
The opportunity to take a dump, likely mentioned when it is supposed to be rare during an extended timeframe.
"Dude, you must take this poopertunity, we're going to be on the road for 8 hours straight without stopping!"
by Mad Brahmin Disease April 26, 2006
12 5
The opportunity to poop at work
Hey man, I have a great poopertunity while the boss is gone, I'll be back in an hour.
by Oldschooljoey June 22, 2012
4 2
Poopertunity refers to the opportunity to expel unwanted excrement matter from your rectal sphincter.

Please see the example below.
Jeffrey: "I had a perfect poopertunity yesterday but I missed it because the postman was knocking on my door."
Bonswala: "Yeah, sounds like you really missed the opportunity to expel your unwanted excrement from your rectal sphincter bro."
Jeffrey: "I truly did."
by Captain Paraguay December 02, 2013
0 0
1. N. An opportunity presented, but not really a particularly good one; Better than nothing, but barely.

2. N. A portmanteau of Poop and opportunity.

From the Peruvian/Belgian: Poop.
After my grandmother died, I had the poopertunity to use that funeral parlor Groupon I bought.
by LEEEO May 13, 2011
2 4
When a opportunity to get pooped on occurs.
Dan was happy because during the gay pride festival he came upon a poopertunity.
by North Beach J June 27, 2010
1 6