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the paradox of women wanting to get help with a problem that they're ashamed of: pooping. It is a woman's job to be ashamed of number two, unfortunately, so this term was coined by Sarah Haskins in her gender stereotyping comedy series "Target Women".
Sally: I have diarrhea but I'm too embarrassed to tell my doctor about it. It's a poopadox
#target women #sarah haskins #poop #pooping number two #number 2
by rania1981 November 18, 2009
The situation where you have taken an earth-shattering poop resulting in your inability to stand.
Billy: "Joe, why are you sitting on the floor, staring at your poop?"

Joe: "I just had a poopadox, man."
#poop #paradox #feces #excraments #shit
by i_am_a_narwhal March 19, 2011
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