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Another term for defecation or shitting, but meant to sound more pleasant, almost in a fun and silly kind of way, so that, when you're telling someone that you need to defecate or shit, it doesn't sound like such a gross-out.
Guy: 'Hey, babe, what's up, no toilet paper again??? I've got to poop-out right NOW!!'
Girl: 'It's ok, honey, just use the paper towels roll, but please don't clog the bowl'
Guy: 'You know I will, babe, gettin' ready to poop-out a horse-dick turd and all'
Girl: 'Ok, but I'm not cleaning your shit-mess off the floor this time, for realz!'
Guy: 'The hell you aren't!!! Better clean it or no sex tonight!'
by coozehound72 September 03, 2010
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