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when you go in the back then come around the front
I kicked him out the back door and then he tried to poopcrotch me!

oh, poop crotch!

Dude, you are a major poopcrotch
by LS-Train July 06, 2004
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A purple and green weed that grows on the ground near your mailbox or curb.

poopcrotch is known for bringing luck when put in your pants.
Because poopcrotch is in season, I picked some from around my mailbox and put it in my pants for luck.
by ebesoul September 13, 2007
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A low laying plant that has red stems and green leaves that primarly grows by mailboxes along the side of the road.

Poopcrotch is a multi-purposed plant that to date has been used within chili, smoked, and weaved together to produce rope. Additional uses for Poopcrotch are still being discovered.
by Sentry September 15, 2007
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a crotch w/ poo from going in from behind and then moving around to the front
mmmmmmmmmm yummy poop crotch smells good enough to eat

nastiness is a warm poopcrotch
by Bobby July 07, 2004
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