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Farting or taking a dump in fruit loops
"These poop loops are crap so im going to crap on them to make them even crappier!"
by Hazrat June 01, 2009
1 6
A loop that can be made while tying your shoes, that when you pull it, it makes a sound resembling "poooooooop".
See SpongeBob; Season 2, Epidsode 1
Poop Loop
by ShamWow plus a Snuggy February 15, 2009
50 11
poop that is in loops
in some cases a type of cereal that is funny to say
dude those are poop loops
by john R February 23, 2005
29 15
Any type of fecal matter expelled after eating large quantities of artificially sweetened and/or flavored cereal.

In other words, like Froot Loops, only poopier.
Mmmmmmm. Apple Jacks. Oh shiet! I got the pooploops!
by ilikefeet February 11, 2008
17 4
1.) the hole in the middle of your ass cheeks where shit comes out of.
2.) also used to "put someone down"
1.) Oh, baby. Just stick it in my poop loop.
2.) Dude, you're a fuckin poop loop.
by some crazy ass white dude February 23, 2005
35 28
term used when fruit loops go stale.
oh gross, my fruit loops are stale and brown, they turned to poop loops.
by dragonsblood17 June 13, 2009
6 1
1.) A brand of cereal made of poop and in the shape of froot loops.

2.) An insult to somebody who really pisses you off.
1.) David: Hey Michael wanna go get some poop loops!?

2. Shut the fuck up you poop loop
by Tiddy March 12, 2005
27 26
When you get poop on your weiner from having anal sex and put it in the persons mouth.
Hey Nick, im gonna give you a pooploop
by Hsoj April 21, 2005
10 12