A woman is a poop camel. They seem to poop far less than men do. No one seems to know where and when a woman poops. Men however seem to go at least once every 1-2 days.And multi task while doing so... play a PSP,talk on the phone, use a lap top. There for woman are poop camels. They seem to poop about once a month or so and are very discreet when doing so.
My girlfriend is a poop camel. I never when know she poops.
by derek9453 January 24, 2010
Top Definition
One who waits to poop until they get to a safe pooping environment.
Nancy: Wow that felt good!
Geoff: What?
Nancy: I just pooped for the first time in 3 days because i couldn't go at your parents house this weekend.
Geoff: Thats fuckin unbelievable . . . you are such a poop camel!
by Brunzie December 05, 2008
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