Top Definition
A slut that is very fat!!!
That poontank looks like you sister!
by BEAVER EATER March 26, 2007
Derogitory term for the bitch you're fuckin.
Man, 'dats my poon tank callin, I gotta take this.
by N Dog February 19, 2005
Poontank: Variation of poontang relating to size of lady.

A larger lady who dresses in the clothes that would fit a hot female but is repulsive due to her size, desperation and being a bit common.
That poontank had you in her sights, how did you get away!?!
by Thumb April 08, 2007
A whore, that is a slut
get away form me poontank!
by your mom January 08, 2005
The female sexual apparatus
I saw Suzy and filled up yher poontank
by neverlad March 27, 2015
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