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Ford Mustang that gets many chicks.
Hey baby, let's hop in my poonstang and I'll take you on a ride!
by THE poonstanginator November 18, 2003
A Ford Mustang. If you owned one, then you would know.
Dude, Stacy like totally had her feet on the roof of my new Poon'stang. Sweet!
by Keith Woods July 29, 2006
A Ford Mustang (and "poonstang",)because most of them are driven either by: cocky teens who didnt pay for them, girls that have them...but only the POON V6 version, or by some older man that is too scared to actually race it. ALTHOUGH I respect the people that actually buy a classic, or a new cobra or saleen, and actually build it, and race it.. But to all the slow fags out in 909..."Dsm Boost Ownz J00!!!!!
Hey man, my AWD Eagle Talon tore that "Poonstangs" snatch wide open!!
by Sanyika October 27, 2003
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