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the act of pulling out a semi hard dong out of a vagina and then slapping the girl in the side of the face with your sloppy dong.
"Hey, you suck at doing my dong!! Its time for a poon slap biatch"

Bitch isn't performing.
Time for a poon slap.
by Diggity Doctor May 14, 2007
20 7

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To poonslap is to participate in the act of courting, wooing, seducing, or otherwise inciting the interest of someone of the opposite sex; also known as poonslapping. Eventually it should lead the so-called "poonslapper" to get laid.
Dude, E-Tom is such a fucking poonslapper!
Did you read that IM conversation? Bro, that was an epic poonslap!
by sembms June 15, 2011
23 11