to continuously fist away at willing or unwilling anal or vaginal cavity with no remorse whatsoever. It is usally done with fellow coworkers watching and cheering on the poon jabber by screaming "WHOOT THERE IT IS!"
My and the guys got off of work and went to Luke's mom's house and I poon jabbed the shit out of her!
It was so much fun we all went to Burger King came back and poon jab her some more, but this time in her brown eye!
by getsome3378 February 10, 2009
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the act of driving your fist into a women's vagina with superior force
"She got poonjabed so hard she couldn't walk for a week."
by Toxic540 November 16, 2004
To punch one's vagina with all capable force.
It would be impossible to poonjab Ghandi, for he has no vagina.
by Josh/Max August 08, 2004
the act of taking ones hand, balling it into a fist and gently tapping a womans vagina. not necciscarily a hard punch but a light jab. clothing variable, but same aspect with or without.

if taken to the next level of force with an upward motion then the act would now be an "up-her-cunt"(uppercut)
"the bitch crossed me, so i gave her a poon jab and set her straight!"
by MOTTS May 19, 2006
A person from India
You see that person over there, with the dot on her forhead? She is a poonjab.
by Hot Sauce June 05, 2003
telling one that they are of little value or are overly sensitive to jokes or a number of other things.This is basically saying that they are poons that have been jabbed one too many times.
Friend: those clothes are tight.
Me: Yea, tight like your mom!!!
Friend: shut up, your a jerk.
Me: Man, stop being such a poonjab!!!
by S3XUAL CH0C0LAT3 May 11, 2008
The worst of all insults... Derived from a hatred of a certain Indian which I will not speak of.
Me: ur a poonjab
White Friend: Oh heill nah!?!?
by []D_[]_[]v[]_[]D December 22, 2003
-noun -verb

1. The act of physically jabbing a woman's poon.

2. Any person who instinctively makes an activity or situation unbearable on the level of receiving a poon jab. Commonly mistaken for a douche or dip shit, or fuck tard.
In a professional training session:

Sean: he he. Hey guys I just farted and screamed like a wounded hippopotamus.

Dustin: Oh my God...

Brandon: Really guy?

Instructor: What a poon jab.

Guy1: That girl tried to kick me in the balls so I totally gave her a poon jab.

Guy2: Right on!
by Fireman23 April 19, 2011

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