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to sit at home and masturbate, on a perfectly good evening for going out and having fun.
Anna aint here tonight because shie's at home pooning!
Basically, an act of love between a consenting couple, where the male makes his female partner seriously moist, while she is still wearing knickers/thong (cotton gusset recommended). Then, remove pants/thong and either dry naturally or accellerate the process with a hair drier. While maintaining the romantic mood, scrape the dried minge goo from the pants/thong with a razor blade. Use razor blade to finulate. Roll up a bank note, and snort vaginal gold. Wait 5 minutes for an intense aphrodisiac hit. May be used as a supplement for viagra.
Where's james, and what's that noise?

That's his hair drier - he's pooning.
by The Poon King March 11, 2008
the process of one sniffing the opposite/same sex's bike seats for personal excitement/enjoyment
i love pooning , i could smell girls bike seats all day :)
by anonymous February 26, 2002
A combination of things. Can be associated with anything from kicking back with friends, staring into space, drinking excessively, not doing homework, and, but not limited to having sex.
"Dude, I am pooning too hard right now."

"Who's down to poon tonight?"
by Codosex April 20, 2010
The Process of getting Poon Tang.
I wanted to hang out with you but you were too busy pooning your girlfriend
by Dooley July 11, 2006
The act of searching for poon
Like fishing is to fish, pooning is to gash
You know, am I the only one who finds it inappropriate to go pooning on a church trip
by ManOfTheDiaspora June 16, 2005
1. the act of nuzzling into another's inner thigh

2. a nude run through the streets after midnight
1. "oh god. look at rhonda and jim. pooning in public? get a room!"
2. "hakeem got really drunk last night and pooned down wilshire"
by georgia phyllis April 04, 2008
when you get a dirty pair of laydees underwear and scrape the vaginal discharage from them then sort it like sex cocaine!
laura makes excellent pooning juices!
by beth stranger February 05, 2008