"pooned" should never be used as a substitue for "owned." Saying "pwned" is dumb enough. "Poon" is really and abbreviation of the slang term "poontang." "Poontang" has been around since the 70's. "Poon," in slang terms, refers to a woman's sexual organs, especially when refering to finding a way to have intercourse with said organs. "Tang," in slang terms, refers to the act of sexual intercourse.

"Poon" also is defined as the act of hitting something with a harpoon. However, that is a bit archaic.
"Dude, I got so much poon at the party."


"I need to get some poon so badly."

"pooned" is not a real word and therefore I have no example of it. You can't make a noun past tense...
by Noodlemonkey May 10, 2006
To be unable to be away from the vagina of a significant other for longer than 15 minutes at a time
AKA P-whipped
She's got Kevin so pooned...it's sick.

He couldn't go on the fishing trip because he came down with a bad case of being pooned
by Hiz-ouse December 12, 2003
A rather new dis in the online gaming world, which means, owned, or easy but insane kill. Its like the person who got pooned just got a big slap by the other person

Most people just say "pooned"
Damn man you just got POONED
by D3r3k May 17, 2005
Another version of Pwned/Owned. Created in Counterstrike:Source by Mr.Brown.
"Oh snap. You just got pooned by a glock."
by glockmaster flash September 17, 2005
Extreemly boned. Sort of the pwned of boned.
Oh my shit, you pooned her!
by Little Ben November 11, 2003

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