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verb: diving in poon ( vagina).
usually used by stupid teenage males, to make themselves sound cool.
diving in poon means trying to score some vagina- have sex.
idiot number 1. "the poon on display is absolutely quality, if you were here you'd be poondiving left,right and centre..."
idiot number 2. "awesome dude, i'm poondiving here, ellie is amazing!"
by frustrated by teenage idiots. August 13, 2011
2 2
Noun: Going scoping for girls to do.
I went poon diving with my friend Jamal.
by andersonj November 25, 2008
1 2
The act of getting, or trying to get poon. Can also be used simply if a person is trying to get with a girl.
"Ian is poon diving on Caroline."

"Kerry is peen diving on Ian." (Antonym)
by D Rex November 10, 2007
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