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The water that splashes on your butt when a poop falls into the toilet.
I don't need a bidet, I just got a poonami.
by heathcatbe June 22, 2011
(noun, verb)Accidental, explosive diarrhea; usually associated with children, traveling, or food poisoning.
"Dude, while I was baby-sitting your kid, he had a poonami in his pajamas. I had to stick him, fully clothed, in the shower."
by Edward Cafeto April 07, 2006
poo-nah-mee NOUN

1. an unusually large wave or splash produced in a toilet bowl by a large or well-placed excrement (poo).

2. an exceptionally large, oderiferous or much-anticipated bowel movement.

2011-2012; < Brinston, Ontario, Canada. Based on Japanese word "tsunami", equivalent to tsu harbor (earlier tu ) + nami wave < poo (poo) + nami (wave).
1. (splash) "Whoa... poonami!"

2. "Poonami alert - do NOT go in there!"
by canoebrain May 30, 2012
Combination of "poo" and "tsunami"... as in a giant wave of poo.
I took a crap so bad, it was a like a poonami exploded from my ass.
by Sean Galbraith July 26, 2004
A flow of menstrual blood so severe it forms a tidal wave or destroys hopes and dreams
Oh shit man, that was a total poonami
by _THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND_ April 01, 2009
Synonym for female ejaculation derrived from the words poon and tsunami.
I saw this girl stick a curling iron in her poon basket and when she orgasmed it was a poonami.
by Col. Pooner T. Corntooth February 21, 2005
When you do a right plopper and it splashes up and obliterate the bog roll.
My poonami done fucked ma charmin.
by rightlovepubes August 25, 2014