The water that splashes on your butt when a poop falls into the toilet.
I don't need a bidet, I just got a poonami.
by heathcatbe June 22, 2011
Top Definition
(noun, verb)Accidental, explosive diarrhea; usually associated with children, traveling, or food poisoning.
"Dude, while I was baby-sitting your kid, he had a poonami in his pajamas. I had to stick him, fully clothed, in the shower."
by Edward Cafeto April 07, 2006
poo-nah-mee NOUN

1. an unusually large wave or splash produced in a toilet bowl by a large or well-placed excrement (poo).

2. an exceptionally large, oderiferous or much-anticipated bowel movement.

2011-2012; < Brinston, Ontario, Canada. Based on Japanese word "tsunami", equivalent to tsu harbor (earlier tu ) + nami wave < poo (poo) + nami (wave).
1. (splash) "Whoa... poonami!"

2. "Poonami alert - do NOT go in there!"
by canoebrain May 30, 2012
The wave of shit that will end up all over the male crotchal area when pulling out too quickly after anal sex.
Little Jimmy finished the deed, and begin to pull out. Unfortunately he had forgotten what Barry had said about pulling out after Anal sex (pulling out way faster than he should have) and so his genitalia were obliterated by the ensuing poonami.
by youwantsome? September 09, 2014
When you do a right plopper and it splashes up and obliterate the bog roll.
My poonami done fucked ma charmin.
by rightlovepubes August 25, 2014
Combination of "poo" and "tsunami"... as in a giant wave of poo.
I took a crap so bad, it was a like a poonami exploded from my ass.
by Sean Galbraith July 26, 2004
Synonym for female ejaculation derrived from the words poon and tsunami.
I saw this girl stick a curling iron in her poon basket and when she orgasmed it was a poonami.
by Col. Pooner T. Corntooth February 21, 2005
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