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a person usually with the last name vanderpool or in relation to a vanderpool.Living in the Towanda Pennsylvania region.Specifically South Towanda.Known To be "Konimires",rednecks ect. Have a reputation of walking mainstreet and hunting and fishing in their spare time.Often picked on in school for it and also are supposibly incest.Using phrases like "haaaaa i tell ya!!" and "goin fitin at da riva".Toothless and uneducated....No my def..Real,hard-working ppl who enjoy a good time respect their family and tend to stick to one side of town..the south side..poolies are great ppl!
Yeah, Ima pooly, wanna go bitch..ill show you how to do-si-do with my ak47!
by Reeves January 01, 2004
The act of defecation.
"Everybody makin' them poolies
Old people be callin' 'em stoolies
Makin' them poolies
by Bob from Cork November 22, 2010