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A very famous Canadian author, Jason Poolick, mostly known for writing clever poo stories found across the internet.
Hi guys,

Here's a story for you:

Yesterday I was at the office, and went out for lunch with an attractive co-worker. She's a big girl, but really cute. I asked her "where do you want to go for lunch?" She told me "Taco Bell."

So we go to Taco Bell, and she orders a Combo number 2, AND a combo #6. I'm thinking to myself "WOW, her farts must be amazing!!!!" Anyways, we finish our meals and on the way back to the office, I had the windows down in my car, and I let a SBD go. I could tell by the look on her face that she was aroused. She was making this moaning sound as she breathed in heavily.

I asked her "I'm sorry I farted, do you like it?". She said "MMMMMM, I wish you could have done that on my nose." I said "well..that can be arranged" with a sly grin on my face.

We drove to the park, and she buried her nose between by ass cheeks, and I farted, but accidently, some taco came out. I thought she would be mad, but her tongue went to work. Licking and sucking all the juices from my sphincter.

Now, every Friday we go for lunch and a meeting in the park. Some days people ask her after lunch "Hey, what's that in your teeth?" but it will always be our little secret.

With Love,

Jason Poolick
by Johnny P Smith August 10, 2006
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