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when your bored in summer, or any time of year really you just go and jump in other peoples pools and see how many times you can go before getting caught. usually it is ten times more fun if you do get caught, because the looks on peoples faces is priceless
Antonella: Wanna go pool hopping?
Sarah: Sure why the hell not.
by aleo July 24, 2006
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Hoping from pool to pool; usually done at night, or during the day when people (pool owners) are working. It is the act of running to one neighbours pool jumping in, then running to another pool to jump in,, and continue the cycle.This is all done without getting caught(hopefully).
Kayla: hey matt wanna go pool hopping?
Matt: um, what the hell?
Kayla: come on its fun!
Matt: okay i guesss.. since its so hot.
*2 hours later*
*ChkCHK* (loads shotgun)
Kayla: ahahahahahah
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Going to a resort area like Ft Lauderdale beach and going in a resort hotel pool until you get kicked out. Then just go to the next hotel and the next and the next.
When we were kids in the 60's we would go pool hopping on Ft Lauderdale beach. "You kids get out of here!!!" Great fun growing up.
by Youdummy January 01, 2013
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