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When a guy steps out of the pool and his swimming trunks outline his penis and/or balls.
When Manny got out of the pool all of the girls laughed at his mean Pool Dick
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when you first get out the pool and your shit is shrivelled. sometimes becomes permenant <--nothin to laugh at
female-"whats that???"
me-"dont do this"
female-"you cold or something.?."
me-"no! i got mother fucking permenant POOL DICK!okay."
by triangle offense November 17, 2011
Having penetrative intercourse with a phallus (biological or otherwise) in a swimming pool -- i.e. dick you get in a pool.
Damn, that pool dick felt so big with all of that water up in there!
by Max DC May 26, 2008
When you stick your dick in a pool jet which is temporarily shut off.
I got a massive boner when I had that intense pool dick session
by TheJAnk January 01, 2011

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