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To be dressed in only a t-shirt.
I had the house to myself this weekend so I did a pooh bear.
by jos7247 December 28, 2007
Pooh bear,
A term of endearment for a cute-type girlfriend. Usually followed by a smile from the loved gf, and a gag from haters. Doesn't give off the 'sleeping with' vibe of babe/honey.
Warner Huntington III calls Elle Woods 'Pooh bear' in Legally Blonde. Although he ends up dumping her and she becomes the epitome of female empowerment, it is very adorable.
by pseudopiedpiper January 15, 2009
Soft to the poke, pudgy. If this individual wore a yellow shirt they would closely resemble pooh-bear.

*May have difficulty touching their shoulders or toes. Known to do up-down exercises.
He wore a yellow shirt today and I swear, he looked just like pooh bear!
by foxayyyy June 14, 2010
To eat honey out of the ass
Carl attempted a PoohBear with his new girlfriend, they quickly broke up.
by TR Gormley March 04, 2008
A person, most preferably male with a honey brown tan. The key to a poohbear is their large dutfuck cheeks. They protrude from their upper jaw with a rosey red core. The poohbear breed of human dances with a metro sexual boing to his step. Poohbear is usually loved by younger kids and is found cute by girls. The poohbears lack of game is really where the creature suffers.
Matt: Look at that rare species of poohbear
Ben: I wish i was like that
by dutfuck3000 June 17, 2009
The act of leaving your shirt on during sex because you are too embarrassed about your fat gut.
Hey man, did you hear about RobbieBB went pooh bear with that chick last night?
by RobbieBB January 22, 2016
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