a word used in tha same context as damn..
gaaaaa damn
pooh! dat nigga cutt'n up

pooh, dat nigga d dropped ole boy
by d-mane April 16, 2008
A very groovy bear who lives next door to a bimbo near a bridge made of stone and they climb lots of trees and try many a times to get lost......one day! then they both grow up and boys arent so nasty anymore!
They learn to drive, get bfs, leave them and go on holiday to minorca, come back and they buy houses next door to each other in tobaygo and live happily ever after.
'veggie grass'
budge blowing a whistle 'dinner time'
by laura November 08, 2004
A kind of goo that comes out of your unmentionable and into the loo; smells, too.
"Ahh, look at that ugly pooh!"
by Mysterious August 02, 2004
its usually brown but in extreme cases it could be yellow, green ,red or even radioactive. it comes our your arse andsmells funny. sometimes people think its fun to throw pooh at people.
"i did a really big pooh the other day"
"ooh that smells like pooh"
"pooh is coming out my bottom"
dont throw pooh at my groin!?!"
i aint no goddamn son of a bitch so stop poohing on my head!"

by pooh meister poop poop May 01, 2003
its smells like that brown thing that comes out ya ass every now and then
god dam my boyfriend smells of poo
by marie August 11, 2003
A very norty bear who walks around wearing only a t-shirt with no bottoms on eating "hunny". His boyfriend is a piglet named Piglet other fiends involved are ee-or the donkey, tigger, an owl, a couple of kangaroos and some random boy.
This motly bunch of cocksmokers have pathetic adventures which are so boring they make you want to kill yourself.
A recent study indicated that kids raised on a diet of "Pooh" will grow up to have shit for brains and will most likely expose themselves to strangers in wooded areas.
Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, cubby little tubby all stuffed with cock...
by Baron Von Batwing January 06, 2005

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