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When you take a shit that feels so good after holding it in for such a long time that it feels orgasmic.
Person 1: "I just had the best poogasm ever."

Person 2: "That must have felt so good, how long have you been holding it in for?"
by Th_wilvot September 12, 2008
The overwhelmingly sensational feeling achieved after hanging a very large, dirty but succesful shit.
The arse's equivalent of a orgasm.
"Ahhh (In Relief), don't ya love poogasms.
by Diego July 04, 2003
That happy feeling you get when you poo.
Mr Winky felt most happy when he had a poogasm.
by Mr Winky February 12, 2006
The anal version of an orgasm, in which a flurry of shit petrudes out of the ass, due to losing control of your bowels.
"Man T.J gives good poogasms"
by Shaun Glover July 11, 2003
When a boy's poop tickles his prostate while coming out so much that it literally causes an involuntary unwarranted orgasm. POOGASM!
Holy shit, dude, I had to take a shit so hard that I think I just poogasmed.
by bbond1 January 14, 2011
the ecstatic relief one feels taking/during and after a big fat massive poo!
oh mate just had a massive poogasm!......
.....bloody hell just had multiple poogasm!!!
think i need to lie down after that poogasm
by deepseadavid July 23, 2008
the involuntary moan you let out when you are finally able to shit after a long, painful bout of constipation.
He was gone for a long time, but when I heard his poogasm, I knew what was going on.
by Relieved1 March 15, 2010