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Poorer than poor. Rhymes with doer.
To call that peasant poor is an understatement. He's pooer.
by dstigers September 25, 2013
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girls booty hole.

a girls butthole.

or in some cases a males.
brett stuck it in her pooer!
by hoes on my jock March 30, 2007
Meaning: poor
Origin: Kentwood, Louisiana
"Oh my gosh, we were so poo-er"
"oh my gosh, you said poo -er"
"Well, We were!"
by Shit bits December 04, 2004
anyone who pikes out, does anything stupid, makes a fool of themselves in front of a large audience, personally disgraces another, makes excuses for being lamo etc.

also known as king pooer or the pooest of poos.
'Brendonna is the pooer king of pooers'
meaning he is the owner of being poo.
by Harrie March 20, 2006

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