a dog that stepped in poo and is now walking around with the poo..Therefore poodog
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
"One who is annoying, narrow-minded, relatively stupid, or repulsive. May be used as an adjective, a noun, or an interjection."
"Miley Cyrus is a poodog"
"Don't be such a poodog!!"
"Oh you poodog..."
by poodoggydog September 29, 2011
Noun: A jovial, endearing term, which rather that implying that you are that type of dog that lays a turd and immediately sniffs it, actually suggests that one is held in high esteem.
Gypsyking: I've just bought you a nice present.
Gypsyqueen: Oh, you're such a Poo-Dog!
by Pricey45 October 03, 2011
a poo dog is a highland terrier/scottie dog/westie. they just look like little poo's! whenever you see a poo dog, the rule is to blow a huge slobbery raspberry at it, as you would for other stupid rule things like yellow car no returns, and touching red objects after seeing a mail van.
Rach- Whoa! check out that poo dog over there! hahaha
Dan- *winds down car window, and blows a HUGE raspberry* oh how we love poo dogs.
Rach- Totally.
by Rachelle+Flanial March 04, 2007

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