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Someone who enjoys banging poodles.
I don't like Jim too much. I hear he's a poodlepopper.
by Deuchebagge March 25, 2009

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anyone who has participated in the act of having sexual relations with a dog, not always a poodle, using this name usually makes them really mad. you can also call them poodle.
dude 1: Aww man poodle popper is coming.
dude 2: Why is he called poodle popper?
dude 1: because he fucked his dog dude!
dude 2: Aww that is sick!
poodle popper: Hey guys! what's up?
dude 1: nothing poodle.
poodle popper: I DIDN'T FUCK MY DOG!!!!!!
dude 1: Yeah whatever poodle.
by penis kicker March 06, 2006