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1. A funky album by Weird Al, who specializes in parody songs.

Has such gems as Couch Potato (based on Eminem's Lose Yourself) and Bob, which is a fantastic song in which every lyric is a palindrome.

2. It could also be defined literally as a hat fashioned out of a poodle, which is a breed of curly haired dog. In this day and age the poodle would probably not be real and the hat would be a faux poodle hat.
1. "Dude! Let's put Poodle Hat on!"

2. "Dude! I've got my poodle hat on!"
by Zelda199 August 12, 2008
when you keep cuming on a womans head
I gave her a poodle hat
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
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