When fecal matter hangs from your anus.
When you take a crap and the poo dosen't quite fall into the toilet and it just kind of hangs there. Thats what the poo do it dangle - poo dangle.
by deRutte October 26, 2007
Top Definition
crap that hangs from your bung hole.
I got a poodangle. Let me go wipe it off using your face.
by Punkdewde September 28, 2003
1. A reaction and/or feeling about a truly assaninely shitty situation or douchebag of a person
1. "I can't believe my dildos didn't come in the mail AGAIN! Today really sucks poo dangles"

2. "Did you see that looser Leon at the bar last night?"

"Yeah, that guy is a total poo dangle"
by Lindsay Johnstone January 26, 2009
to leave school without a parent/ gardians consent
Hey do you want to poodangle second period today?
by james highgobotam April 05, 2005
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