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Padded boobs boobs that are fake boobs that you can tell are made by stuffing yo bra
look at that the poobs on that wiger
by Meygan April 11, 2006
22 33
A pube coverd in poo.
"ewwwwww there's a poob in my yogurt!"
"you flippin poob head!"
"grrrrrrr there's a poob on the toilet seat!"
"hey! where's my pet poob gone?"
by Tom Carlyle December 28, 2005
164 46
The hair that grows around the anus.
Fuck! I got shit in my poobs!
by Harry Shwab March 06, 2004
73 19
A poob is a bum hair. Poo pube.
A shaved my poobs this morning.
by PoobMysterGeneral October 11, 2009
31 22
it is used to define someone who is a cross between a poo and a boob so in short poo+boob= poob.
"he is being such a poob" and "quit being a stupid poob"
by agent O' potty language December 11, 2012
9 4
A short and curly from the perianal area.

AKA a butt hair.
That chick shaves her box, but has hella poobs.
by big steve! May 08, 2009
12 9
the combined pseudonym given to two people, usually a pretend irishwoman and an american, who have combined forces in order to fight crime in 'da ghetto'.
person 1: "so what did you get up to last night?"
person 2: "well we were going to try and steal a llama but we got taken down by the poob"
by Shaniqua123 January 20, 2013
5 4
Pizza Boobs
Hannah M has Poobs!
by Andy Potatoes November 29, 2009
9 10